What does a racist hate incident look like?

A racist hate incident is any incident where you or someone else has been targeted because of your membership or presumed membership of an ethnic group.

Race crime doesn’t just mean when someone becomes a victim because of the colour of their skin. It also includes nationality, culture and language.

No two hate incidents are the same but they may include the following:

  • Verbal abuse and name-calling
  • Physical attack
  • Graffiti or other deliberate damage to property
  • Written or recorded threats
  • Cyber Bullying

If you see someone getting hassled, and you think it is because their race, ethnicity, nationality, culture or language you can report it as an incident, even if the victim has not done so.

In October 2014, the Home Office produced ‘Hate Crimes, England and Wales, 2013/14’. There were 44,480 hate crimes recorded by the Police in England and Wales, 37,484 of this were race hate crimes.

These incidents don’t just affect the lives of those involved but affect their friends, their families, and every part of the local community.

If hate incidents are not reported, the bullies, bigots and thugs will feel their behaviour is totally acceptable and that they can continue to abuse people whenever they feel like it.